If you’re a U.K. citizen living overseas, you may need to certify certain documents. The following applies in many such instances, including when applying for an EQIBank account.

First, you’ll need to contact one of the following:

  • Your local bank and ask them to certify documents. Inform them that you are a resident in a country of equivalent jurisdictions to the UK.

  • A UK Embassy or Consulate that provides certification. (Learn more here)

  • Contact a lawyer, solicitor or barrister in the country where you live. (Find one here)

  • The certifier must write the following on the document which they are certifying

A. For your documents that contain a photo:
I [full name of certifier] confirm that this is an accurate copy of the original and the photo is a true likeness of the person concerned.

B. For your documents that don’t contain a photo:
I [full name of certifier] confirm this is an accurate copy of the original.

They should also write:
their signature and full name, printed on the document
their occupation, company (or professional) address and phone number
their professional registration number (if they have one) the date of certification.

Once you now have some recently certified documents, you’ll need to print complete the EQIBank return form (PDF), and, in the case of prospective EQIBank clients, return it along with your certified documents to the following address:

EQIBank Limited, 24 Hillsborough Street Suite II, Roseau, Dominica.

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