As a fully licensed custodian, EQIBank can offer clients comprehensive portfolio administration and dedicated client services.

Our custody solutions are available for financial institutions, investment entities, and also private clients. If securities processing, reporting, and safekeeping services are what you require, EQIBank has you covered.

  • Traditional Asset Custody. EQIBank can provide securities processing and trade settlement, however sophisticated and far-reaching.

  • Insured Digital Asset Custody. Our custody services are structured in such a way as to minimize costs associated with holding your digital assets. EQIBank Custody comes with Crime and In-Vault insurance that protects against theft by employees, third parties, or direct loss of property due to unforeseeable circumstances.

  • Biometric Security & Private Keys. Combining private-key security with cold storage will keep your digital assets offline yet accessible via a digital network. Using your biometric data will ensure that only you have access to your funds.

  • Safe. All documents indicating ownership of funds are housed in our highly secure storage facility.

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