To support your purchase of *insert currency here* we need you to complete an internal transfer.

For USD the account number is 00021602 EQIBank – OTC USD

For EUR the account number is 00021622 EQIBank - OTC EUR

To complete your internal transfer please follow these instructions:

Select “Account Transfers”, and then “New Account Transfer”

Select your USD or EUR account under the “From Account”

Click on

"I wish to credit an account that is not on the list below."


00021622 for using USD to purchase a crypto asset

00021622 for using EUR to purchase a crypto asset

Enter your purchase amount

Enter a description in the “Debit Narrative” for your records

Enter your name/account name, account number and the asset you wish to purchase in the Credit Narrative

For example ABC Company with account number 00039201 wishes to purchase ETH, would enter: “ABC Company 00039201 Buy ETH” in the Credit Narrative

Press Send

Your transfer of fiat will then be completed and transferred to our OTC holding account. Once we have confirmed the transfer, we will then complete the Buy order by reaching out to you at the WhatsApp or Signal account you provided.

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