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Checklist to open Corporate Bank Account
Checklist to open Corporate Bank Account

What is needed to open a Corporate Bank Account in EQIBank

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To ensure efficient and speedy onboarding, please make sure you have the following documents:

  • Certified Memorandum and Articles of Association

  • Certified Certificate of Incorporation

  • Certified Register of Members

  • Certified Register of Directors

  • Certified Passports for all UBOs

  • Certified Proofs of Address for all UBO's, directors and shareholders(10% or more)

  • Copy of Passports for all Directors

  • FATCA Entity

  • Board Resolution

  • Liveness Test for all UBO's and Signatories (Link will be provided during the application Process)

  • Compliance form for all Account Signatories, UBOs, directors, and shareholders (

Additional documents:

  • If the application is a multi-layered structure, then an organizational chart may be required

  • If your company is involved in 3rd party business of digital assets, brokerage, marketable securities, cryptocurrencies, NFT or monies, we also require AML Policy and a 3rd-party Risk Screening Agreement and confirmation of regulated status and license, if financial company.

Please note: to process the application, EQIBank requires payment of a US$1,000 Application Fee. The Application Fee is non-refundable and non-creditable to any other EQIBank product or service.

What is Certification

Certification is a process whereby a professional that’s recognized by a regulated body (Law Society, Chartered Accountants Register, Banker, etc.) certifies the authenticity of your document. If you are a Corporate Service Provider, your in-house lawyer or accountant can certify docs.

How it Works

  1. A Notary Public, lawyer, accountant, or banker writes “I CERTIFY THIS AS A TRUE COPY” on the document.

  2. They date the document.

  3. They sign the document.

  4. Provide their contact details.

Please note, you can use the services like

Certification rules

  • Certification can be handwritten on the document. While we do accept stamps, they are not required.

  • The certification cannot be older than 3 months. I.e., Your Register of Members can be from 1 year ago, but the signature and certification cannot be older than 3 months from today’s date.

  • The certification must be clear and readable so our Compliance team can understand the handwriting.

What constitutes a proof of address?

We do not require proof of address for your company office. We do require proof of address for the Ultimate Beneficiary Owner(s)

  • Any utility that is physically attached to a fixed address. This can be a landline telephone, broadband internet, gas, or electricity.

  • A letter from an attorney indicating they have known you for a number of years and you are their client in good standing.

  • Two bank statements from different banks in the Beneficiary’s name.

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